State v. Ro M18-XXX

Client charged with misdemeanor battery Florida Statute 784.03 for an altercation with his son. Bond cannot be posted until the individual charged is brought before the Court to be informed of the No Contact Order with the Victim and a bond Amount is determined. This was a Domestic Violence case is Miami. It was considered Domestic Violence because the victim and the defendant resided together. Client had prior criminal history and the State was not offering any type of diversion program. I met with the Assistant State Attorney to discuss the facts of this case. The case was reset for Court twice before it was no-actioned or dismissed by the State. Client was a medical professional and could not risk a criminal charge because it would have affected his licensing and his ability to work.

state v. Mel F18-XXX

Husband and wife arrested for aggravated child abuse great bodily harm Florida Statute 827.0(2)(A) and
Child neglect no great bodily harm Fl. Stat. 827.02(2)(d). Twelve year old Autistic child who had been “Baker Acted” several times and had a history of violence was locked outside the home when the child began to act violently. The parents got in their car to leave to avoid the confrontation. The child got in the vehicle. The mother took him out of the vehicle, locked the door and the child tried to stop the vehicle from leaving and in the process of chasing the vehicle fell and injured himself. This was witnessed by the neighbor. Both parents were arrested and the Department of Children and Family Services took both children and placed them in Foster Care. The Autistic child was enrolled in regular classes. A letter was written by the child psychologist in support of the parents. All the criminal charges were no-actioned and dismissed. The DCF case will be resolved with a case plan involving the reunification of the parents with the children. The Father is a Coast Guard Employee. The Coast Guard can dismiss and/or court martial staff who violate the law.

State v. Th F18-56 Miami Beach

Client Charged with illegally writing a check from her company to deposit it to an account for her benefit. The charge was Grand Theft Fl. Stat. 812.014 and Uttering a forged check Fl. Stat. 831.02. Punishable by up to ten (10) years in State prison. Client was working in Miami Beach.
Client denied these charges and stated that her employer was retaliating against her for filing a complaint against her employer with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation of Florida.
The employer was trying to discredit the client as a witness against the employer. Client took and passed a polygraph exam. The State still filed charges stating that the client had signed and forged the check. I subpoenaed the bank checks of the employer to demonstrate that the checks were signed by the employer.The employer refused to turn over these checks. The employer then admitted that he and not the client had signed the checks. Depositions of the employer were taken. The State dismissed the case after 9 months of litigation. This case would have destroyed my clients career. The Assistant State Attorney did an admirable job of looking at the facts of the case and it’s inconsistencies and dismissing the case.

State v. VillXXX Miami Beach (2018)

Client arrested in Miami Beach at the Flamingo Condo accused of setting a fire which caused approximately $65,000.00 in damage. Client a juvenile did not intentionally set the fire with the intent to commit destroy evidence. There was a video of the client setting the fire. Client charged with First Degree Arson a 15 year felony. Undersigned attorney contacted the State and had the charges reduced to Criminal Mischief a 3 degree felony. Client was placed into the Scop program. In 18 months the charges will be dismissed. Client ordered to pay 10k which was the deductible that Insurance did not pay for the damage to the Miami Beach Condominium. No restitution was due from the client since insurance covered the deductible too. Clients family evicted from the Miami Beach Condo. Undersigned attorney assisted in the resettlement of the family.Lawyer and Attorney

U.S. v. LibXXXX 2017

Client charged with possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance. Client has a prior for possession of a controlled substance in State Court. Client was offered and accepted supervised release. Client was not debriefed and did not offer any substantial assistance.

State v. S (Miami Dade) (2018)

Client involved in an alleged altercation with girlfriend because girlfriend allegedly would not perform oral sex on client. This is what is in the police report. Girlfriend calls police during the alleged altercation and states that boyfriend has a gun and is threatening to kill her stating “you are not going to live tonight” while striking her multiple times. Police arrive at the scene and boyfriend will not open the door. When boyfriend opens the door and walks out he is tasered. Police confiscate shot-gun inside residence. Boyfriend fell and dislocated knee and complains of pain. When boyfriend is being transported he allegedly strikes one of the Emergency Rescue personnel because he cannot straighten his leg to be taken out of the ambulance to the hospital. Client is charged with Aggravated Assault with a firearm. Battery on an EMT, aggravated battery, and false imprisonment. Client facing 30 years with a 3 year minimum mandatory sentence for allegedly pointing the gun at the girlfriend. Attorney was able to have several counts dismissed. The final felony charge will be dismissed after client completes a pre-trial diversion program.

State v. L 18- fc 10a Broward County

Client charged with battery of an individual more then 65 years of age and Battery by strangulation.
Victim was clients father. Client left the home after the alleged altercation. Victim reported the alleged altercation. Client was arrested at a hotel by police who had obtained a warrant for arrest.
Client was held for several days in a mental health facility before being brought to domestic violence court. Client facing 10 years in prison. Charges dismissed.

2018-17—mm10a State v. B— (Palm Beach County)

Father and son involved in a fight where victim was allegedly struck twice in the face. Father arrested and charged with Domestic Violence Florida Statute 784.03(1)(a)(1). The father is arrested and cannot bond out of jail until he sees a judge the next day. There is also a no contact order so that the father cannot contact the victim. There is also a stay away order from the residence. The father has to find alternate housing during the pendency of the case. Client facing up to one (1) year in jail. The charges were dismissed. Client reunited with his family and the stay away order was lifted.

State v. B possession with intent to sell cocaine Broward Circuit2017

Client stopped for speeding in broward County. Officer smells the odor of marijuana and sees 2 marijuana cigarettes in the vehicle. Officer searches vehicle and in a hidden compartment finds cocaine and several thousand dollars and marijuana. Driver has a passenger. Client admits smoking the marijuana found. Client is also charged with possession of a firearm while committing a felony.
Charges are dismissed. Client did not admit the drugs in the hidden compartment. Vehicle was a company vehicle.