State v. S (Miami Dade) (2018)

Client involved in an alleged altercation with girlfriend because girlfriend allegedly would not perform oral sex on client. This is what is in the police report. Girlfriend calls police during the alleged altercation and states that boyfriend has a gun and is threatening to kill her stating “you are not going to live tonight” while striking her multiple times. Police arrive at the scene and boyfriend will not open the door. When boyfriend opens the door and walks out he is tasered. Police confiscate shot-gun inside residence. Boyfriend fell and dislocated knee and complains of pain. When boyfriend is being transported he allegedly strikes one of the Emergency Rescue personnel because he cannot straighten his leg to be taken out of the ambulance to the hospital. Client is charged with Aggravated Assault with a firearm. Battery on an EMT, aggravated battery, and false imprisonment. Client facing 30 years with a 3 year minimum mandatory sentence for allegedly pointing the gun at the girlfriend. Attorney was able to have several counts dismissed. The final felony charge will be dismissed after client completes a pre-trial diversion program.

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