State v. VillXXX Miami Beach (2018)

Client arrested in Miami Beach at the Flamingo Condo accused of setting a fire which caused approximately $65,000.00 in damage. Client a juvenile did not intentionally set the fire with the intent to commit destroy evidence. There was a video of the client setting the fire. Client charged with First Degree Arson a 15 year felony. Undersigned attorney contacted the State and had the charges reduced to Criminal Mischief a 3 degree felony. Client was placed into the Scop program. In 18 months the charges will be dismissed. Client ordered to pay 10k which was the deductible that Insurance did not pay for the damage to the Miami Beach Condominium. No restitution was due from the client since insurance covered the deductible too. Clients family evicted from the Miami Beach Condo. Undersigned attorney assisted in the resettlement of the family.Lawyer and Attorney

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