State v. Th F18-56 Miami Beach

Client Charged with illegally writing a check from her company to deposit it to an account for her benefit. The charge was Grand Theft Fl. Stat. 812.014 and Uttering a forged check Fl. Stat. 831.02. Punishable by up to ten (10) years in State prison. Client was working in Miami Beach.
Client denied these charges and stated that her employer was retaliating against her for filing a complaint against her employer with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation of Florida.
The employer was trying to discredit the client as a witness against the employer. Client took and passed a polygraph exam. The State still filed charges stating that the client had signed and forged the check. I subpoenaed the bank checks of the employer to demonstrate that the checks were signed by the employer.The employer refused to turn over these checks. The employer then admitted that he and not the client had signed the checks. Depositions of the employer were taken. The State dismissed the case after 9 months of litigation. This case would have destroyed my clients career. The Assistant State Attorney did an admirable job of looking at the facts of the case and it’s inconsistencies and dismissing the case.

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