state v. Mel F18-XXX

Husband and wife arrested for aggravated child abuse great bodily harm Florida Statute 827.0(2)(A) and
Child neglect no great bodily harm Fl. Stat. 827.02(2)(d). Twelve year old Autistic child who had been “Baker Acted” several times and had a history of violence was locked outside the home when the child began to act violently. The parents got in their car to leave to avoid the confrontation. The child got in the vehicle. The mother took him out of the vehicle, locked the door and the child tried to stop the vehicle from leaving and in the process of chasing the vehicle fell and injured himself. This was witnessed by the neighbor. Both parents were arrested and the Department of Children and Family Services took both children and placed them in Foster Care. The Autistic child was enrolled in regular classes. A letter was written by the child psychologist in support of the parents. All the criminal charges were no-actioned and dismissed. The DCF case will be resolved with a case plan involving the reunification of the parents with the children. The Father is a Coast Guard Employee. The Coast Guard can dismiss and/or court martial staff who violate the law.

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