State v. Delis (2018)

Client charged with 2 counts of aggravated battery and Misdemeanor battery for allegedly striking a woman and a man with her vehicle after a dispute regarding the sale of a laptop in a parking lot. Client facing 31 years. Client was offered a conviction 6 months jail followed by 3 years probation. Counsel obtained the surveillance video which completely contradicted the victims version of events. Additionally the victims were not credible. It is important to gather all evidence including video, witnesses, and all reports to establish the truth.
This case took me 18 months to resolve. The State reduced the charges to Aggravated Assault and the client was placed into a diversion program after which the charges will be dismissed. The victim had objected to my client receiving the program. Normally if the victim objects no program is offered. However after the deposition of the lead officer who was unaware of many of the facts of the case the program was offered.

State v. Lind 2018

Client arrested for misdemeanor battery for attempted strangulation of the wife. State Attorney refiled the charge as a felony. Client offered a diversion program. Client wants to prove his innocence and rejects program. Offer is withdrawn. Client then hires undersigned attorney who has client accept the program which was re-offered. Case will result in a guaranteed dismissal. Trial is a risk. If you get a good jury you walk. If you get a bad jury and your are convicted you go to jail.

State v. Jean Miami Dade 2018

Client charged with Battery by Strangulation Florida Statute 784.041. Charges dismissed by the State Attorney’s Office. It is important for the lawyer to contact the state prior to arraignment to discuss the case and make the appropriate arguments to either reduce or dismiss charges.

2018 State v. Vas Broward County

Client charged with uttering a forged instrument Fl. Stat. 831.02 for forging a credit application at Kay’s Jewelers and using a fraudulent driver license. Client charged as an habitual offender and his penalties are enhanced and he is facing 20 years. Prior record included armed robbery and drug trafficking. His minimum sentence and plea offer is 7 years state prison because of his prior crimes which are scored on a scoresheet. Clerk at store recognized that the driver license was false. Client arrested inside the store. Attorney took depositions of the officers and the clerk and manager at store. Attorney filed a c4 motion to dismiss arguing that client did not have the intent to steal and only filled out the credit application which was definitely going to be denied to achieve a stronger bargaining position to reduce the price of the jewelry that he was going to purchase and therefore there was no intent to injure or defraud to prove element of uttering a forged instrument. Kay Jeweler’s offer’s a discount in price for credit applications and permits the buyer to negotiate lower prices. After 2 years of litigation State offers 3 years probation which client gladly accepted.

State v. (broward County) 2017

Client charged with multiple misdemeanors. The State stipulated that the client was incompetent to proceed after she was diagnosed with alzhiemers and an independent doctor confirmed the diagnosis. The State will dismiss the case after one(1) year. They want to see if the diagnosis remains the same or if there is any remission.

Carrying a concealed firearm into the courthouse State v. W 2017

Client accidentally brought his firearm into the courthouse by picking up the wrong bag which contained the firearm. Client was filing pleadings and was rushing to file before clerks office closed. State had a witness who said he felt that he was the target. I argued that this was accidental and my client had no intent to commit this crime. This is a third degree felony. I argued a Motion and the state reluctantly reduced the case to a misdemeanor with no conviction. Client completed probation with a firearms course.

City of Plantation Aggravated fleeing 316.1935(3)(a), grand theft and burglary

State v. JonXXX 10-12xx

Client was arrested after he was spotted in the parking lot of Comp USA which had been burglarized and an alarm had alerted police. Client fled and another auto containing the burglars also fled and were involved in an accident. Client picked up the individuals involved in the accident and allegedly fled the scene. A Bolo was issued and after a short chase where client ran the red light the car was stopped. Client fled along with individuals in automobile. Client apprehended after swimming a canal after k9 located him at a public school at night.  Client has a prior for cocaine possession and did not want to be adjudicated a convicted felon  and a mandatory license suspension. This is mandatory by statute for aggravated fleeing. Undersigned counsel continued the case for almost four years through 4 State Attorneys before he was able to get a withhold of adjudication and probation.

misdemeanor animal neglect

Client charged with animal cruelty. Client not a United States Citizen and this was a potentially deportable offense. Miami Animal Control illegally entered the mans home and took the dog. If there is no food, water or shelter for the dog at the time that Animal Control Officer’s inspect then you are subject to arrest for Animal neglect.

Felony Animal Cruelty

Ex-Police Officer charged with Animal Cruelty when a dog owned by clients son had to be euthanized because of poor treatment. Client and son had the same last name and a clerk at the Office of Animal Control input the wrong identifying information for the owner since both parties carried the same last name. The state refused to drop the case and admit their mistake. I worked two years to have this case dismissed.
The records from animal control even indicated that this was the son’s dog and still the state would not drop this case.